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The Real Food Weight Loss System

Appointments available:
Monday - Friday
10:00 - 16:00
Home Visits are available.
Evening and Weekend appointments are available with an additional payment. Contact me for details.
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Your Weight Loss Treatment includes 3 great benefits:

Personalised Treatment Sessions.

The combined hypnosis & NLP treatment will gently and easily help you to remove the subconscious resistance that prevents you from successfully achieving and maintaining your desired weight. All treatments can be adapted to suit your specific needs e.g. particular problem foods.

No Pressure to Perform or Please

This is a personal and private treatment. The focus is on helping you to develop a healthy relationship with food - the same kind of relationship that 'normal weight' people enjoy. There is no weighing, no requirement to lose a specific amount of weight each week, and no need to eat certain foods. All you need to do is turn up each week and gently discover that you can be in control of your eating rather than living a life where food is in control of you.

Three Different Weight Loss Programs to Choose from

Because everyone's needs are different I offer 3 Weight Loss Programs for you to choose from. You will enjoy the same five basic weight loss treatment sessions in each of the programs and the cost of each treatment session is identical no matter which Program you choose.

The Standard Weight Loss Program

5 Weight Loss treatment Sessions
Pay As You Go

The Premium Weight Loss Program

5 Weight Loss treatment Sessions
10 Bonus Reports
1 additional Free Session (Value 55)
Pay in advance

The Five Star Weight Loss Program

5 Weight Loss treatment Sessions
3 Self-Improvement Sessions
10 Bonus Reports
2 additional Free Sessions (Value 110)
3 Free MP3s (Value 44+)
Pay in advance

The Standard Weight Loss Program:

The Standard Weight Loss Program consists of five treatment sessions.

  • Session 1: Fattening Foods

    This session is designed to help you to lose interest in eating those foods which are not in tune with your desire to lose weight. Most of my clients find that this works easily and effortlessly.

  • Session 2: Healthy Eating

    The second session builds on the success of the previous one by helping you to make healthy eating choices. Again most of my clients find that this just happens and they find themselves making healthier food choices.

  • Session 3: An End to Failure

    One of the many reasons that diets don't work is that they focus on exclusion. Now it's time to look towards a successful future and realise that eating just what your body needs is even more pleasurable than those old food choices that no longer serve you. This session builds on the success of the previous two and sets you up for long-term change as you learn new ways to deal with the old problems that trigger unhealthy eating patterns and behaviours.

  • Session 4: Improve Your Relationship with Food

    This is perhaps the single most important session of the 5. We are all in a relationship with food and like relationships with other people this can be a healthy one or an unhealthy one. An unhealthy relationship has FOOD in charge and FOOD making the choices. This session helps you to see food for what it is and to discover how to fully enjoy everything you eat, whatever you choose to eat, and still be able to maintain your perfect weight.

  • Session 5: Exercise

    This is the one that scares most people who come to me for help with losing weight. That's the reason I always leave it until the end. By that time my clients have noticed changes in their eating habits and are actually wanting to do something more. This session is designed to remove any subconscious resistance to exercising and to help you to appreciate that exercise is a pleasure, not a chore, and when you engage in it regularly it helps you to feel really good and that has a positive feedback by discouraging unhealthy eating because that undoes all the good work. I show you that 'exercise' can be as simple as walking for 15 or 20 minutes a day, or getting on a bicycle for a similar peirod of time. By the time you leave you'll probably wonder why you weren't already doing it.

The Standard Weight Loss Program

5 Weight Loss Treatment Sessions.

Payment by cash or cheque at the end of each session.

Just 55 per session.

So phone me today on 01928 575784 to arrange your appointment.
Then you can relax knowing that you have taken that necessary first step towards losing those excess pounds.

The Premium Weight Loss Program:

The Premium Weight Loss Program consists of the five treatment sessions listed above. It also includes valuable bonuses to help you get the most out of your investment in your weight loss sessions.

Bonus 1

The first Bonus I'm offering you to encourage you to participate in the Premium Weight Loss Program is actually 10 Bonus Reports. You will receive two of these each time you attend for a treatment session. They are designed to support and encourage you and provide a little insight so that you can understand more fully just how your mind tricks you into unnecessary eating and how to overcome these little temptations.

Bonus 2

My second Bonus that I'm offering you is a free Booster session. You can take advantage of this opportunity for a little help and support any time in the six months following your fifth treatment session. I offer this only because I know that some people find it a little difficult to support and encourage themselves fully. We all occasionally experience the challenges that life throws at us and they can, before we realise it, have us making unhealthy choices once more. This free bonus session is offered simply so that you know you have my continued support in your wish to have the body you desire.

So, the price is the same, but you get valuable extras - what's the catch?

No catch. In order to enjoy the additional benefits of the Premium Weight Loss Program, all I ask is that you pay for the five sessions in advance, and before you attend for your first session, using the PayPal button below.

The Premium Weight Loss Program

5 Weight Loss Treatment Sessions.

10 Free bonus reports to assist, encourage and support you.

1 Free Booster session (Value 55).

If you want to enjoy the additional benefits of these bonuses for ONLY 275 (the same total investment as with the Standard Treatment) then just contact me now.

The Five StarWeight Loss CD Weight Loss Program

This one is a little different, but the cost per session is the same as the other two packages.

With the Five Star Weight Loss Program you will enjoy the five treatment sessions I have detailed in the Standard Weight Loss Program above. You will also receive Bonus 1 (10 valuable reports to support and encourage you) detailed in the Premium Weight Loss Program above.

As well as this you will receive not one, but two bonus booster sessions that you can take advantage of at any time during the 6 months following the last treatment session. Now, I've been helping people to lose weight for a great many years and one of the things I've noticed is that people who are very overweight tend to have developed a poor self-image. This makes life a little difficult and usually prevents you from achieving not only your dreams and goals, but also your full potential in life.

In order to address these issues, the 5 Star Weight Loss Program includes an additional 3 treatment sessions.
  • Session 6: Self-Esteem Booster

    Self-Esteem is how we feel about ourselves and how we value ourselves. This session is designed to help you feel good about who you are. It helps you to accept yourself just the way you are. Strange as it may seem, in order to bring about changes like weight or body-shape, these are, in my experience, most easily accomplished from a place of acceptance that things are the way they are right now. That doesn't mean you can't change, it just means that you change from a place of peacefulness within your self. I find that this makes accomplishing goals much easier than fighting against and resisting what is.

  • Session 7: Increased Confidence

    Confidence is about how you feel when you relate to other people. Confident people are not too concerned about how others perceive them. They know who they are and they trust their own judgement and their own personal values without needing to check what other people think before making choices. In relation to weight loss, increased confidence translates to increased ability to say no.

  • Session 8: Emotional Freedom

    In my years of helping weight loss clients, emotional issues are the single biggest trigger for unhealthy and unnecessary eating. Emotional Freedom (and I'm not talking about tapping here) is the ability to recognise that emotions are just sensations - they don't mean what you think they mean; and the ability to feel what you are feeling without needing to do anything about it. This session is designed to help you to understand that there are better ways to deal with uncomfortable emotions than eating, but its biggest benefit is that it helps to free you from any emotional baggage you are carrying around with you - without ever having to share any details with me or anyone else.

    Bonus MP3s Value 44

    Weight Loss CD

    The final bonus for the 5 Star Weight Loss Program that I'm going to give you are my three weight loss MP3s, Value 44 and available for purchase at that price on this site. The Weight Loss Mp3s will be given to you at the end of Session 5.

    The 5 Star Weight Loss Program

    5 Weight Loss Treatment Sessions.

    10 Free bonus reports to assist, encourage and support you.

    2 Free Booster sessions (Value 110).

    3 Free Weight Loss MP3s (Value 44).

    3 Essential Personal-Development Sessions.

    If you want to enjoy the additional benefits of all of these bonuses, and experience the benefits of the additional Personal Development sessions, for ONLY 440 then contact me now and I'll send you details of how to pay.

    Treatment Fees

    Standard Weight Loss Program: 5 sessions, 55 per session, payable at the end of each treatment session.
    Premium Weight Loss Program: 5 sessions, 1 free treatment, plus bonuses 275
    5 Star Weight Loss Program: 8 Sessions, 2 free treatments, 3 free cds, plus other bonuses 440

    Terms & Conditions

My New Book
Diets make you feel hungry and deprived.

Research shows that no matter what your size, diets make you hungry and create powerful cravings for the very foods you are trying to avoid, eg sugar and fat.

On top of these cravings, dieters also have to manage feelings of deprivation: 'Everybody is eating what I'm not allowed to. They can have it - why cant I?'

This kind of thinking is likely to lead to rebellious overeating.

Deanne Jade, Principal of the National Centre for Eating Disorders
Researchers at Seattle's Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center have found that yo-yo dieting may have a lasting negative impact on immune function.

They also report that maintaining a consistent weight over time appears to have a positive effect on the immune system.

The study found that the more times a woman dieted to lose weight, the greater the decrease in her immune system function.

They also found that immune function was higher among women who reported the same weight over long periods of time.

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