Treatment Options

I offer several treatment options.

One to One

If you live close enough (and I've had clients who have thought it well worth a 120 mile round trip) then please make an appointment to come and see me. If you are uncertain about hypnosis and just need your questions answered, or if you would like to meet me before you commit yourself to a course of treatment then I offer a free initial consultation of around 30 minutes. But if you just want to get started with feeling better then we can start with immediate treatments.

Futher details of my fees and office hours are available here

By Mail with a Personalised CD

If you live too far away to come to see me personally I can offer you the same personal attention - but in the comfort of your own home. For each session I provide a detailed questionnaire for you to complete. Your responses guide me to the best treatment for you and I will record a CD especially for you. The CD will contain an hypnosis session along with the same guidance I would offer to a client coming to see me for a one to one session. Of course, one of the benefits of having the session on CD is that you can listen to it as often as you need.

Further details of Treatment by Mail are available here

By Phone

The third option is treatment by phone. If you have a phone to which you can attach an inexpensive headset then you can take advantage of this option. I don't perform hypnosis over the phone but I may still be able to help guide you to a solution to your problems.

More information on Treatment by Phone is available here

IBS Relief
"Many patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, a painful disorder that does not generally respond well to conventional treatments, have found relief through hypnotherapy. Now British researchers say the benefits can last five years or longer." -The New York Times, 10/03
Benefits of Hypnosis
"As a relaxation technique, hypnosis can help reduce your stress. It's also used to relieve phobias, lessen anxiety, break addictions and to ease symptoms of conditions such as asthma or allergy. Using hypnosis can help patients control nausea and vomiting from cancer medications and morning sickness, reduce bleeding during surgery, steady the heartbeat and bring down blood pressure."
-National Women's Health Resource Center, 11/03

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