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Stop Smoking Hypnosis Available for you in Runcorn

Hypnosis is the Easy Way to Quit Smoking

Would you rather be an ex-smoker that craves cigarettes - or a non-smoker who never gives them a thought?

Worries & Concerns About Stopping Smoking with Hypnosis

Nobody wants to fail.

Nobody wants the embarrassment of telling their family and friends that they are going to quit smoking, only to fail to stop after just a few days or weeks, or even months.

No one wants to suffer either, and you hear so much about the cravings you experience when you give up smoking cigarettes.

My stop smoking package helps you with all of these problems, so you can forget all about reasons to carry on smoking and just start to think about all the reasons why coming to see me in Runcorn, and letting me help you to quit the smoking habit, could be so beneficial to you.

hypnosis, for feeling good after stopping smoking

So how would you like to ENJOY

  1. Better Health
  2. Increased Fitness
  3. Feeling Great
  4. Looking & Feeling Younger
  5. Younger looking skin
  6. Looking More Attractive
  7. More Energy
  8. More Money in your pocket
  9. Many more years to enjoy your life
  10. Fresh Breath & being much nicer to be around (and to kiss)
  11. Getting to stay inside when it's raining
These are some of the many benefits that are experienced by people who Quit Smoking with hypnosis.

So just imagine waking up each morning feeling good and fit and healthy, breathing freely and easily, and looking forward to the day ahead, totally free and with money in your pocket.

Hypnotherapy is the most effective means by which people quit the smoking habit
Iowa University study

Using the Hypnosis is Easy Treatment to help you quit smoking opens the door to having all of these great benefits and you will probably find that it is much easier than you think to be a success at quitting - simply because many others, even those who thought it would be difficult to give up, just stopped smoking right after the treatment. Clients have told me that it was much easier than they thought it would be and that they experienced no cravings at all - not even for food.

The NHS offers you second-rate solutions

I know this because many of my clients have tried the NHS solutions.

But they all started smoking again - or carried on smoking at the same time as using nicotine patches.

That's when they came to see me for some 'proper' help.

Nicotine Patches

"Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) may be less effective at weaning smokers off their habit than previously thought, researchers say. The effectiveness of NRT fell from 10.7% of smokers quitting, compared with those given dummy treatment, at one year to 7.2% at an average of four years later." A University of Geneva team looked at studies of 4,800 adults.

Most people relapsed within the first two years of a single course of treatment.

NRT, possibly the least effective method of stopping smoking, is the recommended treatment by the NHS in the UK.

"However, there was no statistically significant difference between the two groups of smokers [one group on the nicotine patch and one group on a placebo patch] after one year of follow-up."
Perng RP, Hsieh WC, Chen YM, et al, "Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of transdermal nicotine patch for smoking cessation, " J Formos Med Assoc 97(8): 547-51, Aug. 1998.

"However, users of nicotine gum and patches were found to be less likely to have given up smoking than non-users."
Buck D, Morgan A, "Smoking and quitting with the aid of Nicotine Replacement Therapies in the English adult population," European Journal of Public Health 2001, Vol 11, Issue 2, pp. 211-217.

Zyban - the Stop Smoking Drug

The NHS's other option the drug Zyban has interesting side effects.

The main known side effects of Zyban are shakiness, skin rash, dry mouth, confusion, anxiety, anorexia, dizziness, restlessness, agitation, insomnia, headache, nausea, vomiting, seizure, constipation, change in weight, and tremor. Zyban may cause manic episodes with bipolar manic depression. There are also concerns about this drug's interactions with alcohol and other medications.

The chance of seizure increases if you use alcohol, sedatives, cocaine, over the counter stimulants or if you have a seizure disorder (like epilepsy), an eating disorder (such as bulimia or anorexia nervosa).

"My daughter was fit and healthy before she started taking this drug, but now the doctors say she has to be on medication for the rest of her life. I am blaming Zyban for this,"
Susan Sinclair, quoted in "Ban anti-smoking pill that wrecked my life," Northern Echo (UK), July 23, 2001.

"I would rather die after 35 years of smoking than overnight from taking a Zyban tablet."
Alan Gardiner, a UK smoker who had a massive seizure after using Zyban to quit smoking. Quoted in "Zyban…Over 37 Deaths," The Daily Record, June 1, 2001.

Zyban was originally tested and marketed as an anti-depressant, but drug companies like $ signs and when they can make extra cash by selling a drug for a purpose it was never designed for then they seem to be able to do so with impunity.

Hypnosis is free from side-effects

Happy, contented, relaxing holiday after using hypnosis to stop smoking
Enjoy a relaxing holiday with the money you save when you quit smoking with Hypnosis

I have lost track of the number of people who have come to me for help with stopping smoking - after using nicotine patches and discovering they are innefective. So if you have tried other ways to give up smoking that just haven't worked, then call me today and recognise that it isn't your fault.

The majority of my clients stop smoking immediately after treatment.

So if you want to quit smoking and feel you would like a little help, then give me a call NOW and enjoy how easy it can be to quit smoking with hypnosis.
Tel: 01928 575784

The Treatment

The treatment is just two easy, effortless, relaxing sessions.

Session 1 sets you up for success by re-programming your subconscious mind with an expectation of success at giving up the next time you come to see me. I also find out the details of your smoking habit so that, on the following session, the treatment is tailored specifically to your needs. You receive personal treatment.

Session 2 uses hypnosis to re-programe your subconscious mind to become a non-smoker. This is quite different from becoming an ex-smoker. Ex-smokers carry on thinking about cigarettes. Non-smokers never do. So you can leave me free of the habit.

I also include a free Support Cd, just so that you know that should you ever be tempted, you have something you can listen to in order to forget about smoking.

And all of this is available to you for an investment of just Ł198. A small amount, I'm sure you'll agree, for good health and a long life. And anyway you will recover it in just a few weeks from the savings you make from not buying cigarettes.

Don't forget to help out your smoking friends by letting them know about this too.

A meta-analysis of 600 studies of around 72,000 smokers who used different methods to quit found that hypnotherapy is consistently the most successful way to become a non-smoker. (New Scientist, 1992)

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