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Hypnotherapy Appointments in Runcorn

You can phone or email to make your appointment.

01928 575784

Hypnosis for Weight Loss

Please click on this link if you would like hypnosis to help you with weight loss

Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

...and this link for more details about using hypnosis to help you stop smoking

I offer help for a large variety of psychological and some physical problems. Hypnosis is not just for weight control and stopping smoking. I have successfully treated problems as diverse as anxiety, stress, ADHD, fibromyalgia, nystagmus, wasp phobia, nail biting, drving test nerves to list just a few.

So, if it's interfering with you living your life the way you would like to live it...
if it's causing you to avoid particular situations...
if it's making you unhappy...
even if it's not on my list...
then I can probably help you.

Just give me a call.


01928 575784

Still a little uncertain if Hypnotherapy is for you?

If you are just not sure whether hypnosis is for you, then I can offer you a free consultation session. This session is absolutely free and involves no hypnosis. You can meet me, I'll take down the details of the problem you would like some help with, and you can ask me any questions you would like answered before deciding whether or not to proceed with your treatment. I do this because I know that anxiety about the health problem, as well as anxiety about trying something new can just get in way of obtaining the help that you deserve. Most people leave glad that they came, and regretting that they didn't come sooner. My clients are also frequently surprised at how easily their anxiety just seems to dissolve and when they leave, the world seems a brighter, more hopeful place.

So just let me know that you'd like a free consultation and I'll arrange that for you.

And don't worry, there's no hard sell. If after the free consultation you don't feel that I can help you, then I'll wish you well and say goodbye. It's really important that you feel comfortable, not only with your therapist, but also with their style of treatment - especially if you are suffering from anxiety, panic attacks, or other stress-related problems.. So take advantage of this opportunity to be certain before you commit to a course of hypnotherapy treatment with me in this almost rural area of Runcorn.

So if you would like to make an appointment to come and see me for help with your problem, with absolutely no obligation, then please contact me by phone or e-mail and let me know that you would like to take advantage of my free consultation offer.

Considering their life-changing potential, Treatments are great value at only £55 per session.


Hours of Business
10am - 5 pm Monday to Friday.
Evening appointments are available for an additional £15 per session.
Saturday Appointments are available for an additional £30 per session
Sunday appointments are available for an additional £50 per session

Home visits are available within around a 30 mile radius of Runcorn.

Appointments can be arranged via
Telephone: 01928 575784

Your calls are important to me, but during consultation I am unable to answer the phone so please take the opportunity to leave your name and number on the answer machine and I'll be happy to call you back as soon as I'm free to give you my full attention.


If you have a friend who is suffering, or needs help with weight loss or stopping smoking and you think hypnosis might help them, then do them a favour and let them know about me.

It might be just the encouragement they need to take that first step towards a new life.

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