Michael J. Hadfield I'm Michael Hadfield and I've been a Hypnotherapist since 1997, having trained with the excellent London College of Clinical Hypnosis and passed the examination set by the British Medical Hypnotherapy Examinations Board. The training covered a lot of territory and taught me how to treat a much greater range of problems than most people would imagine were treatable with hypnosis. I also subesquently spent several years working towards Full Membership of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis

Before, after, and during my hypnosis training I worked with Dr. Robin Hensman (consultant clinical psychologist based originally at Halton General Hospital) assisting him with the development of his Attitude Awareness Therapy (AAT), acting as editor for the training manual, and working as a co-facilitator for AAT therapy groups and later running groups independently. Robin very generously wrote the foreword for my book Mirror Mirror - The Looking Glass Self as well as supporting me through the process of writing it.

From Robin I learned a gentleness of approach and how to be with people in a supportive, encouraging way. He also encouraged me to tune into my own intuition and consequently to listen much more effectively and hear what was really being said.

I have been helping people with their problems for many years now and have experience in treating a wide range of conditions from cancer to nystagmus: fibromyalgia to rugby & basketball performance; driving test to stammering; as well as the more usual problems like agoraphobia, anxiety, smoking and weight control. My greatest pleasure comes from helping to free people from anxieties and worries. Being an ex-agoraphobe and ex-chronic anxiety sufferer, and having personally discovered that it is possible to live life free of these problems, no matter long they have been around, I have a wealth of inside knowledge of not only what that particular 'hell' is like, but also of how to free yourself from it and live a normal, productive, and happy life.

I have discovered that hypnosis is a wonderful therapeutic tool that is able to bring about almost magical change - though sometimes that change takes a while to come about.

My other passion is photography, and in my leisure time I rarely go anywhere without a camera in my hand. I love reading and am a member of two local reading groups hosted by Halton Lea library. I enjoy walking, visit the Zoo frequently, and for around five years was a regular contributor of articles and images to Organic Gardening magazine. I continue to write articles, but mostly for the Internet and generally about Health, Healing, and Hypnosis.

I've just published my first weight loss book How to Lose Weight Easily and Free Yourself from Diets Forever and am currently writing a book about the benefits of Self-Hypnosis.

If you decide to come and see me, and I hope that you do, you will find that I work from a comfortable and relaxed environment (nothing remotely clinical), because your comfort and relaxation are important in order for change to take place - and if you are still a little uncertain about whether or not this is for you, give me a call or send an email to book a free consultation and come along for half an hour or so to meet me and have any of your questions answered without any obligation to book a course of treatment.

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