Diets Make You Fat

Diets Really do Make You Fat

I'm Michael Hadfield, author of How to Lose Weight Easily, and I'm here to tell you why diets make you fat.

Diets Make You Fat

Diets Make you fat is a strange claim to make.
I mean how can diets possibly make you fat?
After all isn't it obvious that when you stick to your diet - you lose weight? Would diets and dieting be anywhere near as popular if people didn't lose weight?

Success Stories

Of course there's Slimmer of the Year - they must have lost weight.
There are some wonderful success stories about people who have changed their lives from being barely able to move because of their excess weight to enjoying themselves working hard to get back to normal weight

Most people fail to succeed

21% of dieters give up in less than 2 months
45% of dieters give up in less than 12 months
Why do they give up?
Because it's just too hard, they get hungry, they can't stand the cravings, they can't stand the restrictions.

Success is brief

But what about the one's who do succeed.
That 50% of slimmers who actually manage to stick to their diet until they reach their target weight will eventually pile all of that weight back on and almost certainly more.
An estimated 95% of all slimmers put the weight back on.
"It could be argued this is what sustains a 2.6bn industry." Says the Guardian.

Why does the weight come back?

The weight comes back because dieters see the end of the diet as a signal to return to normal eating and normal eating is what made them fat in the first place.
They don't see excess weight as a psychological problem, they see it as a Calorie problem.
Their internal image of themselves hasn't changed and they still see themselves as a fat person.
They look in the mirror or stand on the scales, feel good about what they've achieved and go and have a cream cake to celebrate.
But most importantly, they have done nothing to change their relationship with food.

It's all about relationships

I believe that it is the relationship with food that is the biggest problem, but let's stick with the science for now and I'll look at the psychological stuff in another video. For now we'll look at how diets make you fat.

Diet = Long term weight gain

Diets actually cause long-term weight gain.
The body is an intelligent survival machine and your body's intelligence is one of the things that screws up dieting.
You see when you go on a diet your intention (to lose weight) is the exact opposite of your body's intention - to maintain weight.
As far as the body is concerned a diet is the same as a famine. In order to survive when food is in short supply the body conserves energy, so that less food is required in order to function.

You lose muscle not fat

Muscle tissue, pound for pound, burns 30x as many Calories as fat tissue. So in times of food shortage muscle has to go because it is the biggest threat to survival.
Reduced muscle mass means lowered calorie requirements and a consequent greater chance of survival.

Diet = Death

Your body does not understand dieting.
It understands plenty, and shortage, and survival.
Just because you are living in a world with wall to wall food in plentiful supply makes no difference. Your body only understands what lands in the stomach. If you cut your Calorie intake by half or a quarter then your body burns muscle in order to maximise survival.

It's all about ratios

This has another adverse consequence when you diet regularly.
Because lean muscle tissue burns a lot more calories than fat tissue a supremely fit athlete is burning more calories sitting watching TV than an overweight you is burning on the treadmill at the local gym.
But when you diet, you burn up your muscle tissue, while leaving your fat in place. If you have less muscle you burn fewer calories resting and your metabolic rate drops. So each time you diet you increase the proportion of fat to muscle in your body.


and each time you diet your metabolism slows a little more.
What this does is to make it ever harder to lose weight each time you begin a new diet.

Long-term weight gain

Diets cause long-term weight gain.
Every time you diet it gets harder to achieve the same results.
Every time you diet you lose a little more faith in yourself and your ability to succeed in life.
Dieting is a seriously unhealthy thing to do to your body.

Surely there's a diet that works - I haven't tried them all?

Any diet, if you stick to it, will give you short-term weight loss.
It just won't stay off.
Why won't it stay off?
It won't stay off because you are looking for something outside of you to solve a problem that's inside of you.

What else is there?

So what's left if diets are out?
How exactly do you lose weight and keep it off?
What you do is to change your relationship with food and make small sustainable changes that bring about long-term success.

"Diets do not lead to sustained weight loss or health benefits for the majority of people. You can initially lose 5 to 10% of your weight on any number of diets, but then the weight comes back."

Traci Mann, Psychologist
University of California, Los Angeles

"We found that the majority of people regained all the weight, plus more. Sustained weight loss was found only in a small minority of participants, while complete weight regain was found in the majority."

Traci Mann, Psychologist
University of California, Los Angeles

So how do you lose weight without dieting and is it even possible?

Check out How to Lose Weight Easily and Free Yourself from Diets Forever to find out more.

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