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Pain Relief

Save Money on Prescriptions or Over-the-Counter Painkillers

Hypnosis is a Powerful tool for removing or relieving Pain

Are you:
  • looking for Relief from Chronic pain?
  • needing a stronger painkiller - but your doctor won't prescribe one?
  • beginning to think that, maybe, Doctors don't have all the answers?
  • wondering if hypnosis could possibly help?
  • interested in finding out if your mind can really heal your body?
  • genuinely interested in trying something different?
Did you answer 'yes' to any of those questions?

If you did then you have come to the right place because I am offering something powerful here that may be of great value to you.

hypnosis, attractive, slim woman, resting and being pampered after losing weight I don't need to tell you that we all want to be healthy and live free of pain and suffering. Nor do I need to mention that doctors don't have all the answers - we both already know that. But we also know that there are a lot of people around on the internet who are happy to separate you from your cash and fail to provide anything of real value in return. I know, I've bought a lot of it, Hypnosis downloads that didn't really do anything. E-books full of air, a huge font, and lots of links to spend even more money. And if you have tried hypnosis downloads before and weren't happy with them then I can assure you that mine are different.

My Hypnosis Downloads are safe, easy to use, and have hidden benefits for you

I am tempted to tell you that mine are better than any one else's, but what I will say is that I don't have hundreds of recordings that have been churned out just so that the website can have a big list covering every possible problem, and look like it's the best in the business.

I choose quality over quantity. The downloads available here are individually crafted using the knowledge gained during my 12 years of experience as a hypnotherapist. This experience, which isn't in evidence when you listen to the downloads from a lot of other sites, has given me a real feel for what works and what doesn't, and also how to transfer that experience safely into the words on a recording.


Hypnosis is totally safe and has no side-effects. It can only benefit you.

Easy to Use

After you purchase your download, you will immediately receive an email with a link. As soon as you use the link the download to your computer will begin, and if you have a fast connection the download will be completed very quickly.

As soon as the download is complete you can listen easily from your computer, or you can transfer it to any MP3 player, such as an iPod, iTouch, Walkman or any of the hundreds of others. If you would prefer to listen on your personal Cd player or HiFi System then it is a simple matter to burn the file onto a CD.

So why not download your copy now
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knowing that enjoying the benefits is just a few minutes away.


The obvious benefit is the possibility of freedom, or experiencing some relief, from your pain. But there are other benefits too. Chronic pain causes a tensing of muscles. This is an involuntary response to help relieve the pain, but after a while the tense muscles start to suffer too and can cause painful side-effects and joint damage through compensatory changes in posture.

Hypnosis brings about a state of relaxation. This may only be mild at first but every time you listen to the recording it will become deeper. This allows that tension to be released and relaxed and this in itself can reduce the pain you are experiencing. Over time with regular (at least daily) listening the effect of this period of hypnotic relaxation will start to benefit the whole body and help to calm the mind.

Save Money too and of course as you discover that the mind has the power to change the experience of pain, many people find that hypnosis allows them to gently reduce, or even eventually eliminate some of their medication. This not only saves money but also reduces any temporary side-effects produced by that medication.

How I proved that hypnosis is effective in Solving the Pain Problem

When I was part way through my hypnosis training my tutor invited me to participate in a Masterclass she was running. The Masterclass was entitled PsychoNeuroImmunology - PNI for short. It was about the fascinating world of MindBody medicine. I loved it. And I learned how images and thoughts and the power of the mind can be harnessed, through hypnosis, to bring about physical changes to the body - particularly in the area of pain and the treatment of diseases like cancer.

Headaches - easy!

While I was training I was also doing relaxation/meditation coaching with patients who suffered from psychological problems and one of my patients arrived with a very bad headache. hypnosis, attractive, slim woman, resting and being pampered after losing weightThis headache had been with her for several days, it had been checked out by a doctor who considered it to be nothing requiring treatment, and it was resistant to paracetamol/aspirin/ibuprofen. Using the techniques I'd learned at my PNI Masterclass I removed the pain completely in no more than ten minutes. When she came back a week later she had been pain free.

Immobilisation - a little trickier!

A few weeks later I had a phone call from another of my coachees. She suffered a lot from physical problems and pain. She was in a lot of pain and her leg wouldn't move. Five minutes later the pain was gone and comfortable movement restored to the joint.

I achieved these successes before I was even fully qualified.

These experience fueled my interest in the whole subject of MindBody medicine and I have done a lot of research, and gained a huge amount of experience in the 11 years that have passed since then.

Now you may be thinking, that was just a headache (actually it was just a headache but on a scale of 0-10 where 10 is about the worst pain you can imagine, this was scoring around 6) and headaches come and go, and the painful knee well that was just coincidence, but I've got arthritis - rheumatism- chronic fatigue syndrome - fibromyalgia - IBS - toothache - low back pain - upper back pain - slipped disc - hernia... and these are real physical problems caused by physical deterioration of my body and no amount of words are going to fix that...


If, deep down, you weren't hoping that I would have a solution to your problem I doubt very much that you'd still be reading this... so if you can forget all about what the physical world doctors say (bearing in mind of course that they make a living out of your pain, so to allow people to discover how easy it is to remove, reduce, or find some relief from, pain, could affect their livelhood and maybe even their status in the community).

Anyway, you were worried that removing a resistant to drugs, severe headache in just a few moments, using the techniques I learned on my Masterclass wasn't good enough evidence for you.

Chronic and incurable - I've done that too!

So how about something a little trickier.

Just two years ago a patient came to see me with a problem that had been diagnosed (after some considerable period of time, and several different physicians) as Fibromyalgia. I hadn't encountered it before so she described her symptoms.

  • Constant pain
  • Pain throughout her body
  • Inability to sleep for more than two hours a night
  • Inability to work for a living
  • Lack of concentration
  • Exhaustion
She had been told by her Consultant at the local hospital that this was a genetic disorder and therefore incurable. She would suffer from it for the rest of her life. There was nothing that he could do except prescribe painkillers - goodbye.

Fortunately her own doctor, recognising, the limits of modern medicine had been reached, gave her my card.

So I'm presented with a disease that's in the genes, incurable, and only mediated slightly by pain killers and scored 7-8 on my pain scale.

When my patient left me after the first session, the pain was 3 on the pain scale and when she came back the following week she had had a week of excellent sleep. I could see the difference in her skin tone when I opened the door to her. She told me I'd given her her life back. We did some more work and she left completely pain free that day. When she returned the following week she had had a week free of pain. She is now happy, working, and enjoying life. She rarely experiences pain and when she does she uses the techniques I taught her to remove it quickly and easily.

That one is not so easy to dismiss as something that would have got better in an hour or two anyway - is it?

hypnosis, attractive, woman, looking happy and free from pain

If I could put my words into a pill it would probably be the best pill in the world (fun).

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This is not a substitute for medical treatment and should not be treated as such.
Undiagnosed pain requires medical attention in the first instance.

Hypnosis and Clinical Pain
Hypnosis has been demonstrated to reduce analogue pain...
Randomized controlled studies with clinical populations indicate that hypnosis has a reliable and significant impact on acute procedural pain and chronic pain conditions
By Patterson, David R.; Jensen, Mark P. Psychological Bulletin. Vol 129(4), Jul 2003, 495-521
Effective Pain Relief A lady of 51 referred to a Hypnotherapist by her surgeon on account of continued pain in the left breast area following radical mastectomy and chemotherapy three years previously. The extensive use of analgesics and tranquillisers was of little help and acupuncture and physiotherapy provided no relief. After four sessions of hypnosis the patient was able to decrease and subsequently stop taking all chemical painkillers.
Hartland's Medical & Dental Hypnosis 3rd Edition by David Waxman

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