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Personal Selection

Book choice is, I believe, highly personal. So any claim that this selection is the best in self help books, or features those at the very top of this genre, has to be a personal one. However, the books listed here have been read, and selected, by me from either my favourite authors or just books I have found to be useful in bringing about a shift, or that change in perspective necessary for healing, of mind or body, to take place. I have also read a lot of self books that are not featured here. They are not featured because they did nothing for me.

Valuable for Personal Development & Self Help

In order to be listed in my top self help books, a book has to have inspired me, brought about a shift in my thinking - or was just an enjoyable read that gave me hope. And sometimes all a book has to do to become one of my best self help books is to create a little hope; to shine a light in the dark; to encourage me to believe, for now, that change is possible and that better things are on their way. You see hope is quite often all that is needed to keep you going for today. Drifting off to sleep with a reawakened hope in your heart will make the sun shine the next day. So if hope teaches you a little about living one day at a time, then my choice of top self help books will have done its job. If you choose to buy any of these books, I hope you enjoy them - and if you do, then let me know. Leave a comment in the facebook box at the bottom so that all of your friends can benefit too.

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