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Hypnosis for improved sporting performance and enhanced skills and abilities

About Hypnosis

Do you want to change something about your life?

Would you like that change to take place as easily and effortlessly as possible?

Have you tried other 'solutions' and been disappointed?

Are you interested in discovering more about hypnosis and what it can achieve?

Still interested? then read on and, first of all, I'll dispell a few myths, and then if you read on I'll share in some detail a little more about hypnosis and how it can change your life and help you to achieve that wonderful freedom you desire.

Now I know big blocks of text can seem a bit off-putting when you are just seeking a little information, but, if you read on, you will find information that connects with you and you will leave this page feeling at least a little more hopeful that help is available for you. All you have to do is make the choice to ACT on the information. And the best time to act is always NOW.

Hypnosis is not...

  • magic, though it can seem like that on occasion.
  • a general anaesthetic. You always retain some level of awareness.
  • entertainment.
  • a power struggle. I have knowledge that can help you, if you allow me to.
  • any use for making someone do what they don't want to do.

Hypnosis is...

It's a way of distracting the conscious mind, by relaxation, or intense focus, so that the subconscious (the source of many problematic behaviours) becomes more accessible. Once the subconscious is accessible then suggestions can be made to it that can make behavioural changes seem natural and effortless.

hypnosis is relaxing

The 'programming' of the subconscious takes place largely in the early years before critical faculties develop. These programs are generally helpful and to do with fitting in, seeking approval and survival. In the adult world these behaviours are often redundant or unhelpful. But if you've only got one strategy to use in a situation - like withdrawal or avoidance - that's the one you'll always use until you discover another. Once you've got two strategies you've got choice and anxiety levels reduce. Hypnosis helps by programming the subconscious mind with more strategies without having to live through the experiences that you'd have to live through to obtain alternatives in the fully conscious and stressful world.

Reaching Your Full Potential

It's a way of accessing the resources that we all have within us - resources like the inner wisdom that knows what's best for us in any circumstance. Society, and upbringing, can teach us to ignore that quiet, intuitive voice. Sensitive, inner listening is not the way to worldly success. Aggression, ignoring the needs of others, treating people insensitively and without respect - these seem to be the ideals that are held up as our Gods. If we can't or won't follow these Gods then we are deemed as failures. If we don't have a good memory for the memory tests like GCSE's that our Society idolises as a way of measuring someone's worth then we are deemed failures. If we can't perform in front of others because our sensitivities make such activities a Hell on earth then we are brushed aside and our valuable skills and talents are ignored and maybe then we just find a way to hide and survive. If social encounters leave us feeling small, alone, isolated, and fearful of being disapproved of in the eyes of others, then withdrawal and loneliness are almost guaranteed. If we don't trust our body and it's functioning then we may fear being in places from which we cannot escape so that if our body lets us down we can at least be spared the shame of public humiliation. Places like supermarkets, theatres, meetings, aeroplanes… and so our world gets smaller. Hypnosis is a way of helping to set things straight. It's a way to discover your own natural way of being and to feel good about being that way. Once you start to feel good about being you, your world starts to change. So hypnosis is a way of bringing beneficial change into your world. If your world is very closed down it may seem that nothing can help. I've treated people who were unable to leave their home because they were so frightened. They didn't believe I could help but they were desperate. They all significantly improved the quality of their lives.


Another of the problems that we encounter is society's encouragement to enter into 'addictions'. Addictions like Smoking, eating, fast food, chocolate, alcohol, TV, promiscuity… things that bring short term pleasure and long term pain. hypnosis helps stop addictive behaviour These items are problematic because of the mixed messages that go with them. Easy availability; government approval because it's legal and they make loads of money from duty and tax; and lots of people engage in these addictions openly - so it must be okay. But then there are the subtler messages - it's bad for you, it destroys your health, I don't want to breathe in your second-hand smoke, fat is bad, slim is your God, TV stifles healthy creativity, promiscuity is a health risk and prevents the deepening of a monogamous relationship into something truly spiritual and loving. So how do you resolve this impossible situation. You engage in the short-term pleasure because that's now and instant gratification is better than feeling good in 5 years time, and then feel guilty to make it all ok. Hypnosis interferes with the instant gratification/guilt process, it gives you choices, it allows you to choose what you really want and helps you to stick with that choice and because it helps you to feel good about what you choose you choose what's good for you because you feel good about you. Hypnosis also brings into conscious awareness what's really happening, so you can't fool yourself any more that what you're doing is ok - just this once.


Hypnosis changes the way you feel about yourself - increasing your confidence and self-belief. This is a wonderful thing to do anyway, but it is especially valuable for those engaged in sporting activities. Just recently I've helped one client dramatically improve their performance on the motorcycle racing circuit, and helped a young man improve his rugby game. But whatever the sport, hypnosis can help you to get more out of it.

Physical Health Problems

Now one of the little used areas of hypnosis is in the treatment of physical ailments. Reduction of high blood pressure is an excellent use for hypnosis. Using relaxation techniques and visualisations to explore the complex MindBody connection it is possible to use hypnosis to remove or reduce symptoms of a variety of physical problems. The work of oncologists like O. Carl Simonton using hypnosis to successfully treat cancers is well known. The techniques are not 100% successful, but the success rate seems to be comparable to the success rate for many drugs that doctors prescribe. If this area is of interest to you then I would encourage you to read The Journey by Brandon Bays, Quantum Healing by Deepak Chopra, and The Field by Lynne McTaggart.. These are not books about hypnosis but they demonstrate the reality of the MindBody connection that orthodox medicine seems a little slow in acknowledging.

"As a relaxation technique, hypnosis can help reduce your stress. It's also used to relieve phobias, lessen anxiety, break addictions and to ease symptoms of conditions such as asthma or allergy. Using hypnosis can help patients control nausea and vomiting from cancer medications and morning sickness, reduce bleeding during surgery, steady the heartbeat and bring down blood pressure."
-National Women's Health Resource Center, 11/03
Hypnotic Weight Loss
"Both hypnosis groups lost an average of 17 pounds in six months. The control group put on half a pound."
-Hypnotherapy in weight loss treatment: Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 1986
Hypnotic Breast Enlargement
At the end of 12 weeks, 28% had reached the goal they had set at the beginning of the program and desired no further enlargement. There were 85% who could tell a significant enlargement in their breasts had been accomplished, and 46% found it necessary to buy a larger brassiere. Forty-two percent had a loss in weight of greater than 4 pounds and still had enlargement of their breasts. The average increase in circumference was 1.37 inches; the average increase in the vertical measurement was 0.67 inches and the average increase in horizontal measurement was 1.01 inches….
.Willard, R.D., Breast enlargement through visual imagery and hypnosis. "The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, "1977, 4:195-200.

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