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How to Achieve Effective Weight Loss

I'm Michael Hadfield, author of How to Lose Weight Easily, and here to tell you why losing weight is such a struggle.

I'm going to tell you about the problems with diets, why they don't work, why they actually make you fat, and how I can help you to lose weight without dieting.

Try Harder

Have you ever been told to try harder?

It's one of the most powerful subliminal messages programmed into us.

If your test score isn't high enough then you must try harder.

If you fail at anything then clearly you didn't try hard enough.

The failure is always your fault and that's why you keep on dieting again and again and again. You do it because they've convinced you that failure is always your fault. It is never the fault of the system that you are using. It is never a serious design flaw. It is never, ever, ever, because someone is manipulating you.

The only solution to excess weight is a totally different approach to the problem.

No Magic

Now, just because Diets don't work, that doesn't mean I'm suggesting that you can eat as you always have done and magically lose weight.

That would be crazy wouldn't it?

What I am suggesting is that you make easy and sustainable changes to your eating habits.

Yes you probably will have to reduce calorie intake.

No you will not have to go hungry

No you will not have to experience any cravings.

That's because diet free weight loss is about changing your mind - changes to your body, just follow along. All you have to do is eat in a way that is consistent with your long-term goals.

First Step

The first step is to recognise that you have a problem. When you do that you take responsibility for the solution and take a step towards freedom. That doesn't mean you know the answers yet, but that will come. This step of taking responsibility is so important. The clients of mine who are most successful at losing weight are the ones who work in partnership with me. Those who expect me to wave a magic wand and fix them without having to do anything except close their eyes and listen are the ones who struggle to lose weight.

Strangely that doesn't make it more difficult. It makes it easier because acknowledging that it is all you, and nothing will change without you making changes, allows the change to happen without any internal resistance. So taking responsibility actually makes this whole weight loss thing even easier.

So how do you do that? How do you take responsibility?

It's simple. it's just a decision. It's just an internal acknowledgement that you do have a weight problem and that from this moment onward you are going to take whatever steps are necessary to lose that excess weight - even if that means making some changes to how and what you eat.

The difficulty of going against the flow

This weight thing is a huge social problem., but society ain't gonna fix it for you. Society does not care what you weigh. Society exerts a lot of pressure on you to conform and consequently it is quite difficult to not follow the crowd - and what the crowd does is to go on a diet.

But look around. In the US, and the UK, two-thirds of adults are overweight or obese.

Does that seem like society has a handle on the problem?

Society and its conformity to stuff that doesn't work is the problem

Make a Difference

Just because a lot of people do it doesn't make it right. The people we remember from the past, and who actually did make a difference, are the ones who didn't follow the crowd and dared to believe that something different was the truth. Darwin, Edison, Newton, Faraday, Einsteinů they all had a new way of looking. They all encountered resistance to their view. And whether you agree with their teachings or not, historical figures like Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed changed the world because they taught that the old ways were wrong and there was a better way. The heart of those teachings is pure, it's just that they have been corrupted ever since. But the point is,not that you need to be a messiah for diet-free weight loss but that you take the risk of going against the flow for a few months and just see how it feels compared to dieting. Yes the weight loss will be slower, but it will stay off and it will not harm you long-term.

Know also that any important new truth will be mocked and ridiculed until the evidence can no longer be denied. And I'm not talking about religion here. Scientists are the worst culprits. They like things the way are and new ideas take forever to be accepted as truths - especially when they rock a boat filled with a lot of vested interests.

But Science already knows that diets don't work. The research is out there and available. The message just hasn't reached the people who need it because of something hugely important to the world.

That something is...

The global half-trillion dollar a year - Diet Industry.

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