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What Everyone Should Know About Diets!

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Weight Loss CD

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Are you are serious about losing weight?

If you aren't serious about losing weight then I can't help you.

If you are then I will.

Are you ready for the next step?

The next step is simply to make a commitment to making a change and follow that commitment by taking action. Obviously the action that I think would benefit you most is for you to invest in yourself by investing in my product. This action itself is a powerful message to your subconscious mind that you are serious about losing weight and achieving the body size and shape that your heart desires.

In my experience people who follow my guidance tend to lose weight and find that the changes to habits and eating patterns happen easily.

Easy Steps

My approach is step by step. First of all breaking the addiction to fattening foods. Followed by a shift in focus towards eating a more healthy, nutritious and enjoyable diet. The final step in the process is to reinforce the changes and build in an expectation of long-term success. It is a change for life - but it is an enjoyable one as you discover the sense of mastery over mind and body.

I need to be clear that although the CDs encourage you to move away from sweet and fattening foods and towards much healthier more enjoyable meals, there is no suggestion that you can't eat what you want when you want. In fact I strongly encourage you to eat what you want when you want - but to do it consciously. I use no aversion techniques (which is what you may find in other products that appear similar to mine) for two reasons. They have a functional period of around a month, then their power dissipates. And because I have no desire to spoil your enjoyment of those foods that currently give you pleasure. My diet-free weight loss allows you to release, or simply reduce, these foods at your own pace.


These are the concerns and worries that frequently prevent people from taking action.

  • Food craving
  • Failure
  • Hunger
  • Lack of peer support
  • Self-sabotage
  • Other sabotage
  • Lack of will power
  • Loss of highly desired foods
  • Forever
The forever, by the way, is the idea that the diet is forever and loved foods are banned forever.

My Diet-Free Weight Loss has none of that. If you crave chocolate, potato chips, bread, or anything, then I encourage you to eat it. Not eating it just sabotages the whole process. My target is reduced desire so the need is less.

You cannot fail when you use a system that has no rules, only guidelines. Now I appreciate that this may seem alien to you. Many people like to have something to push against, something to rebel against and diets are wonderful opportunities to do just that. No one likes being told what to do. What I'm saying is do what you want and that's impossible to kick against. So if you want something to kick against rather than something that works - then this might not be for you. There is nothing to push against here. I'm on your side. All I'm doing is saying if you do that these are the consequences. If you do this these are the more desirable consequences. You choose. But the CDs make it very easy to make choices that support your desires and assist you in achieving them.

If you are hungry then I encourage you to eat. Quite often people who are overweight have lost touch with the sensations of hunger and satiety, so if you feel hungry - that's great - it's time to eat.

Lack of support from your friends is a difficult one, because obviously I can do nothing to affect your friends' behaviour. However, as you see yourself succeeding, so the need for others to approve of you will drop away.

One of the biggest problems that impacts serial dieters is self-sabotage. I touched on this in today's video. But with a system without rules - how can you defy them just to prove your independence and right to eat what you want when you want. Eating what you want when you want is exactly where I am taking you. The difference between how I'm doing it, and how you used to do it is that I'm taking you to the place of mindful eating rather than robotic eating. It makes a huge difference, not only in enjoyment, but also in your recognition of when you have eaten enough.

Sometimes others sabotage our attempts because they'd like to be able to do what we are doing. Our success causes them to be much more aware of their failure and that hurts them so they attempt to do something to stop the pain. If you experience this, the solution is simple - pass on the link to video 1 and let them discover for themselves how easy it is to do what you are doing. And if you don't want to do that then just smile and know that what you and I are doing together must be making a noticeable difference. It's just the same as bumping into someone and them exclaiming 'have you lost weight, you look great'.


I've lost count of the number of times people have sat in my consulting room and told me that the reason they are seeking help to lose weight is because they have no will power. Great, I always reply (with a smile on my face), that will make things so much easier. Willpower just gets in the way. Willpower is great for doing stuff. Willpower is dreadful for not doing stuff. Dieting is about not doing stuff. You see in order not to do something, you have to hold a 'picture' or an idea of the thing you don't want to do in your mind. And holding a picture in your mind is a message to your subconscious that says 'get me some of this'. Remember when I asked you not to think of chocolate in the video?

Then there's that fear of never being able to eat cream, cake, biscuits, cookies, crisps, potato chips, fries, or whatever your favourite fattening poison is, ever again. Doesn't ever happen when you follow my guidance. You may find at some point that your tastes have changed and the pleasure you got from them isn't quite what it was, but that's not because I've done that, it's because you enjoy other stuff more.

And of course forever is a long time - which is why I only want you to make small sustainable, enjoyable changes. I am simply teaching you new skills, new tastes, new ways of appreciating and enjoying food. Nothing else would work - forever.

I work with both conscious beliefs and ideas about food in my videos and writing, and subconscious beliefs and programming with the CDs. This two-sided approach is essential to ensure that the conscious mind fully understands not only what needs to change and why, but also how it got screwed up in the first place. With this awareness in place the CDs assist you in making the whole process so much easier than it might otherwise have been.

What I'm going to give you is…

A 3 CD set for you to listen to, plus instructions on how to get the most benefit from the CDs.
  • CD1 - helps you to break your addiction to fattening foods
  • CD2 - helps you to easily and effortlessly switch to a healthier eating regime without any loss of the enjoyment you get from what you eat now.
  • CD3 - helps you to maintain your progress and continue into the future.
As well as the CDs I'm going to give you a BONUS gift of a food diary template that you can copy or print and which will help you to understand what you are eating and why. This is especially useful if you aren't really aware of where the excess weight is coming from.

You will also receive 5 valuable BONUS Reports that will support and encourage you in your commitment to successfully losing weight and ending dieting forever.

BONUS Report 1

Food - Master or Servant

Your body knows when it needs food. It also knows when it has had enough. We, unintentionally, re-program our minds to ignore these sensations - and that's how we end up over-eating. This article explores how food has become the Master of our world, rather than our servant - a servant capable of delighting us, while keeping us fit and healthy.

This report guides you into an easy and simple way to begin to make some small changes to your eating habits so you can notice how easy it is to start to take control back over your life.

BONUS Report 2

The Trouble with Fat

See how fat has become the Big Baddy in your life, and how simple maths pushes you into the Hell of yo-yo dieting that never brings about the lasting results you crave - where you can eat what you want and still look gorgeous.

This report looks at how the simple maths of calories in minus calories used in exercise is fatally flawed and yet is the basis of almost every diet out there. It also shares with you the secrets of how you convince your body to actually store fat, when you think you are encouraging your body to lose it. It also explores how your body's very intelligence and adaptability makes it much harder to lose weight each time you diet.

BONUS Report 3

Food - an Alternative to Emotions

You know about emotional eating - that idea that somehow food will make a bad feeling feel better. This report explores the issues around emotional eating and reveals to you how your natural emotional expression has been stifled, and how in your desire to be 'good' you learned how to use food as an alternative to emotions. It explores how we discovered that fats and sugars take emotional 'pain' away and make us feel better - a pattern that we continue to be stuck in because of a simple processing error. I also share with you a simple technique that will slowly and easily correct this error.

BONUS Report 4

The Thought that Won't go Away

A look at how those good intentions about losing weight sometimes just fade away in the face of the reality of the weight just not shifting as fast as it should. I show you how those thoughts of tempting food are given in to with an excuse about will-power, or rather lack of it, while the truth is much more straightforward. In this report I show you how the desire of wanting something for nothing is actually what sabotages the weight-loss process and how the CDs that are a part of the Diet-Free Weight Loss process effectively help to give you your power back - the power to make choices that are consistent with your long-term intention to be the weight and size that you desire.

BONUS Report 5

How to not eat when you want to

This report guides you through some very simple and practical steps that you can take in order to maintain your commitment to losing weight when you are tempted to eat unnecessarily. Those times when perhaps eating behaviour is running on automatic rather than driven by a real need for food to nourish your body. I share with you some tried and tested techniques that will interfere with those automatic behaviours that lead to unconscious eating - without leaving any feeling of craving. It helps you to bring eating choices into consciousness and shows you how can not eat when you want to and still feel really good.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

And obviously I'll be offering you a 30 day money-back guarantee.

What I can't guarantee is that you will lose weight following my guidance. Advertising law and professional ethics prevent me from making such a claim. But what I will do is back the quality of my work. I have done my very best and used my knowledge and skill to create a product for you that I believe will benefit you if you use it and follow my instructions. If you have any reason to be dissatisfied with this then I will refund your $97 as long as you request the refund and return all of the CDs within 30 days of your order. You must notify me by email within 30 days if you want a refund. There are no refunds after 30 days.

$400 Value

A one to one course of weight loss treatment with me requires an investment of almost $400. I have encapsulated the most powerful aspects of that weight loss treatment in these cds. And increased its value even more by adding several bonuses to help and support you as you lose weight.

Losing weight permanently is a life-changing event. Once you realise that your eating is no longer out of control, doors start to open, possibilities and opportunities appear - as If by magic, and all of this because you invested in $400 worth of mind re-training and reprogramming.

I know that the value of all of this, with its ability to create positive change in your life, far exceeds $400, but because I want you to find out how much easier weight loss can be than it has ever been for you in the past, all I'm asking for is an investment of just $97 for the 3 CDs and I'll add, for free, all of the bonuses I've mentioned above.

I won't be making this offer to you again, though I will from time to time send you some free information that I think you might value regarding weight loss, personal development, and living life more fully and freely so that you can achieve your full potential.

So make the most of this risk-free opportunity and order your CDs Now!

Weight Loss CD

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