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As easy as calling a friend

If you are not able to visit me personally, then I may be able to help you with treatment over the phone. Hypnosis is only a part of my one to one treatment sessions and I have successfully treated many people just by listening and then offering gentle guidance. hypnosis treatment by phone All you have to do is to book a single session below, or a course of treatments, and then I'll e-mail you to arrange a time for you to call me.

There are many people who would like some help or guidance with problems or issues that they have. They desire someone to listen to their story, to honour their story or their problem, and to guide them through the process of healing the past and becoming alive and whole in the present. Those of you who need this want something more than counselling, but something less than hypnosis. They want to be a more conscious part of the healing process. This is what I am offering you here.

I have been able to assist many people just by listening to them and guiding them gently through their healing process. I provide support without judgement. I would especially recommend this course if you are drawn to seeking more spiritual than material world solutions to your problems.


It is very difficult to predict the number of sessions required to treat a problem. Some problems, like phobias, typically require only two or three sessions, while more deep-rooted issues such as chronic anxiety, or stress, will generally take many more sessions to bring lasting relief. If you have a problem that will require several sessions of treatment I have a special offer for you of one FREE session when you purchase 5 sessions in advance.

Special Offer

of oneFREE Session for you.

You can buy single sessions, or if you buy 5 sessions then I will give you one for free. Simply select the 6 Treatment Sessions option from the drop-down box below and PAY for ONLY 5.

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