Treatment by Mail

Hypnosis in the comfort of your own home

Treatment by Mail offers you a similar quality of treatment to that enjoyed by clients who come to visit me. It works like this:

You select your treatment.

I send a questionnaire for you to complete about your problem.

On receipt of your completed questionnaire I record your hypnosis treatment session onto a CD. This is then mailed to you along with the next questionnaire so you can let me know about the changes that take place with each treatment.

Each time you return the details of your progress to me I produce the next treatment CD and this continues until you feel in control of your life again.

Each treatment requires you to complete a questionnaire so that I have some valuable feedback on how your treatment is progressing and so that I have information that enables me to tailor the next session specifically for you. One big advantage of having your treatments on CD is that you can listen to them over and over again if you wish, and you will always have them to keep.

With this method of bringing my very effective hypnosis treatments to you, you know that you will remain in control of the whole provcess - moving as quickly or as gently as you wish. You decide exactly when it is time to move on to the next treatment session.

Also If you wish to receive and return the questionnaires by e-mail then you may choose to do so.

I need to emphasis that the CD's provided in Treatment by Mail are created especially for you and tailored for your particular problem. When you purchase a Treatrment by Mail, you are receiving the same quality of treatment as if you came to visit me personally. If you just want generic hypnosis recordings then these are available elsewhere on this site.

The treatments currently available with Treatment by Mail are:

Agoraphobia (10 sessions)
Anxiety (6 sessions)
Panic attacks(8 sessions)
Self-Confidence (4 sessions)
Shyness (4 sessions)
Stress (6 sessions)
Weight Control (5 sessions)
and for those who feel frustrated in their attempts to live the life they choose, I highly recommend Goal Achievement (3 sessions)

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